lunes, 19 de noviembre de 2007

No tables no chairs

November in Monterrey and Christmas seems like months away rather than a few weeks. The days are not drawing in, I haven’t seen a Marks and Spencer Christmas food advert and the weather is still tending towards short sleeves, clear blue skies and warmth. Every few days I wake chilly round the edges, the air smelling cool and frosty, or perhaps a dense grey lack of light that reminds me of London. But often it’s still sunny. It’s rather strange to see them build an enormous Christmas tree in the macroplaza, against a clear blue sky.
I am living in the centre with a smoking, drinking, clubbing, lovely blonde German teacher called Julia in a new flat. Without furniture. My airbed is surprisingly comfortable and I am doing well with creating bedside furniture with boxes. But sofas, chairs and eating at tables have become novelties. My posture is not good enough to spend such extended periods of time sitting on the floor. Me and Julia spent a shameful amount of time in Walmart to set up house, and after a couple of days without furniture, the displays were just too tempting – we snuggled down into one of the sofas for a chat, munching biscuits and people watching.

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